Local Resources:

Child Care Collectives:

The Artful Parent is a good resource for art activities that are simply brilliant and functional. also not politically framed, i love this project because Jean really breaks down how to use materials in the most effective way for kids to explore creatively.
Beehive graphics always make for good social justice coloring & exploring activities.

Practical Childcare Resources from Bay Area Childcare Collective!

Games Wiki: an ongoing compilation of cooperative games, learning games, radical games, etc, from various sources.  You are encouraged to add your favorite games and facilitating tips!

“Wizardz Around the Rainbow” Transformative Justice & Childcare Comic: a brief guide to incorporating transformative justice principles into childcare practices, in comic form. Excerpted from Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind, PM Press 2012. (Want to use the rainbow as a teaching tool? Here’s a link to a Childcare 101 Workshop Agenda. It’s a work in progress.)

“Hey Baby!” Comic Guide to Infant/Toddler Care: a brief(-ish) guide to caring for infants and toddlers. For childcare collective providers and anyone who “doesn’t know what to do” with babies. Based in the philosophies of Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler.

Six Step Approach to Problem Solving: a 1/2 page guide to facilitating problem solving processes, in 6 easy steps!

The FreeChild Project provides tools and training to young people and adults that engage children and youth in social change. This site has an extensive repository of resources.

Kidpower  teaches people of all ages and abilities how to use their own power to stay safe, act wisely, and believe in themselves.  You can download their free coloring books (in spanish  & english & german) about personal safety and boundaries as well as check out blog posts and articles at the link above.

Radical Education and Parenting Reading List assembled by the Minneapolis Childcare Collective, this list is long and full! Thanks, friends.

Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning blog with lots of ideas in it (although apolitical at first glance).


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